Life is good and wants to treat you well

Hello, my name is Andrea Michelle Mosley. I have stood in your shoes.

I felt frustrated and asked, “Why aren’t good things happening to me?” I’d led a socially-acceptable life, followed all the rules and realized that life wasn’t terrible, just not as “fantabulous” as it could be. I was not comfortable with that. I remember saying to myself, “This is not it. This is NOT. IT!”

I realized that I had a choice. I had to initiate a shift in my thinking. I began to do some work on myself. My internal shift began to impact my life externally. There are many people like me; they feel out of place. I know that there are a few things we can change, and create the shift needed to change your whole world.

Out of my discomfort, I began to research and discovered some answers. I began to get clearer about what I wanted. I unlearned what I was told about myself and embraced who I truly am.

Read this statement aloud:

“My thought patterns move me back into my past, and I’m trying

to move forward.”

My purpose is to guide you on a journey forward into what you want. I am a licensed psychotherapist, trained to listen and discern what next steps are available for your success. I can help you reconnect to your true essence and learn more about who you are. When someone asks you what you want, you can respond openly and without hesitation. During our time together, we will explore questions like:

How did I get here?
What do I agree to?
What do I want my life to be?

We’ll develop a plan specifically tailored for you in three possible areas of growth:

Manifesting the Life You Want
Developing a Mental Wealth Journey
Creating a Transition Plan

Together we will develop a strategy for how to move when you feel stuck. We will create an environment in which you feel loved, nurtured, and excited. I will engage compassionate listening, without judgment, to develop with you a series of decisions that are authentic to the life you want to live. You will leave our time with a posture of openness, ready to receive, and excited.

You can have the belief that things will go well for you!

I am excited to help you get there.